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4:12 Network™ Terms & Conditions

Core Beliefs

  • God—There is one and only one living and true God who reveals Himself to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible—The Holy Bible is the only infallible, authoritative Word of God and is the sole basis for our doctrine and beliefs.
  • The Believer—As people who have been redeemed through Jesus Christ, believers have been uniquely designed by their Creator and empowered by His Spirit to live out The Great Commission and The Great Commandment.
  • The Body—The church, consisting of born-again, baptized believers, is the Body of Christ banded together to fulfill The Great Commission and The Great Commandment.

Code of Conduct

  • Doctrinal Integrity—The content we provide, the messages we communicate, and the practices we recommend will be consistent with and not contrary to church or denominational doctrinal beliefs.
  • Christ-like Character—Our public and personal lives will reflect Christ-like character. We will live above reproach in the way that we treat others and conduct our business. Our moral behavior will reflect the highest biblical standards and we will not endorse or participate in any behavior that is contrary to conservative, biblical beliefs.
  • Spiritual Vitality—We will continue to grow in Christ so that we may experience Him in His fullness and remain qualified to equip others.
  • Balanced Priorities—We will maintain balance in our priorities, keeping our relationship with God and family as our highest priorities.
  • Leadership Excellence—We will continue to sharpen our skills so that we can be effective catalyst leaders.

Terms of Use

Members and organizations choosing to join the 412 Network™, agree to the following criteria:

  • Acknowledge belief in the Core Beliefs.
  • Agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.
  • Submit a completed biography including three recommendations.
  • Agree to allow churches to share evaluations with the 412 Network™ to be posted with their biography.
  • Understand that, at any time, a membership may be revoked if the Core Beliefs or the Code of Conduct is violated.
  • Pay an annual fee.

Churches may search the 412 Network™ for free.

  • Since the 412 Network™ is not a booking agent, fees for all services are negotiated between the church and the 412 Network™ member.
  • Before agreeing to hire a member, a church should take reasonable steps to evaluate his or her background and experience to ensure that you are receiving what is agreed upon.
  • The 412 Network™ provides as much information as possible to help the church make wise decisions.
  • Immediate feedback is available and encouraged.


We do not endorse someone just because they are a member. Before agreeing to hire a member, you should take reasonable steps to evaluate his or her background and experience to ensure that you are receiving what is agreed upon. We will make every effort to provide as much information possible on each member so you can make a wise choice. The terms of any relationship will be governed by the agreement between you and the 4:12 Network™ member. You are encouraged to provide a realistic evaluation of members following their work with you.

The 4:12 Network™ reserves the right to cancel your membership and remove your information if, at any time, you violate the Core beliefs, Code of Conduct, or demonstrate behavior that does not reflect the values of the 4:12 Network™.